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Clinton, Oakland, CA

Clinton, Oakland, CA The Clinton neighborhood is a nice neighborhood in Oakland, California. The area has a lot of nice public schools and is a great area for families. It is highly reviewed for nightlife and is very diversified. The median home value is $500,000 and...

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Adams Point, Oakland, CA

Adams Point Neighborhood in Oakland Adams Point is rated on of the best neighborhoods in Oakland, California. The residents here are highly educated with most of the population having a Bachelor's Degree. It has a relatively young population as well with 32% of people...

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Redwood Heights, Oakland, CA

Redwood Heights, Oakland, CA Redwood Heights is a highly diversified neighborhood in Oakland, California. Most of the population is between 30 to 55 years old. The neighborhood is way more educated compared to the rest of the nation. Thirty percent of the residents...

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Eastshore Oakland California

Eastshore Neighborhood in Oakland, CA Eastshore is a nice neighborhood in Oakland, CA that offers a ton to the residents and visitors there. The average home is worth $600,000 to $1,390,000 and the average rent is $1,300 to $3,300 per month. There are four high-rated...

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Central Oakland Neighborhood

Central Oakland Neighborhood The Central Oakland Neighborhood in Oakland, CA is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area. There are a lot of fun things to do in the area and a lot of delicious restaurants to eat at. Some of the most fun places to visit are the...

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